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Documentary & Movie from Ghana and Nigeria - Silicon Valley African Film Festival

  • Historic Hoover Theater 1635 Park Avenue San Jose, CA 95126 (map)

5:30pm - Introduction to the African Film Festival by talented Alumnus Federico Olivieri (who helped organize the first African Slum Film Festival in Nairobi, Kenya)

6:00pm - 35-minute documentary from Ghana: "Oku - The Herbalist and Sculptor," which features Dr. Oku Ampofo - Ghanaian physician, herbalist and sculptor.

Afterward, we will enjoy a delicious African meal at the Festival or at a nearby restaurant.

8:00pm - 77-minute feature film from Nigeria: "The Lost Cafe," which is about a girl's decision to rise above dark family secrets & culture shock and live her life abroad.

For details and to purchase a day pass, see Silicon Valley African Film Festival.

If you plan on joining our AFSOAS group, please RSVP to Bharti Kansara at or to We look forward to seeing you there!


The Silicon Valley African Film Festival (SVAFF) was founded to confront the sad reality that after over 50 years of post-colonial rule in Africa, most of Africa’s narrative is still presented to the world through a foreign lens with narratives that have created blurred interpretations and perceptions of Africa and Africans. The affordability of filmmaking tools in the last few decades; prompted an exponential growth of the African film industry with African filmmakers eager to share the true stories, hopes and dreams of Africa with the global community. For African filmmakers, substantive issues of the day are, through a wide range of narrative, aesthetic and thematic strands, more common concerns than escapist and sensationalist fares. In this, African cinema challenges not just the complex networks of ignorance, prejudices and stereotypes underpinning Africa’s pernicious misrepresentation as a place of turmoil, deprivation and ambiguity. SVAFF presents Africa through the African Lens!