Help support exceptional academics and give the gift of learning to students in need...

We at AFSOAS seek to support important causes that help bring important educational opportunities to high-achieving students in need and to support the exceptional, world-renowned academics for which SOAS is known worldwide. Our top 3 funding priorities at present are as follows:

Fundraising ideas for schools, churches, and youth sports teams

Our own and most important AFSOAS initiative - this scholarship opportunity provides one American student in financial need each year the life-changing opportunity to study a full-time, one-year taught Master's programme at SOAS in London. As part of this scholarship, the selected individual also receives free housing thanks to the very generous support of the Friends of International Student House London (FISHL). Six individuals to-date have received this scholarship.

Our annual goal is to raise $30,000/year. Currently, we have contributions totaling $14,100 for the next cycle (2020-2021). Please consider making a contribution to help ensure we are able to offer the full amount!


2. Margaret Busby “New Daughters of Africa” Award

The Margaret Busby New Daughters of Africa Award will be awarded to a black, female African student taking an MA in African Studies, MA Comparative Literature or MA Translation (in African Languages) at SOAS University of London. This award is for a student with a particular interest in African Literature with the aim to support a new generation of African female writers. This scholarship will cover the fees, accommodation and living costs.


3. Dr. Hettie Elgood Scholarship for a Postgraduate Diploma in Asian Art

Named in honor of Dr. Hettie Elgood, MBE, who is the Course Director of the Postgraduate Diploma in Asian Art, this scholarship covers full tuition fees and accommodation / travel allowances for one individual annually to pursue a Postgraduate Diploma in Asian Art. The scholarship is open to anyone, anywhere in the world who is not financially able to pursue the course. The applicant must intend to pursue a career related to Asian art in academia, museums, auction houses or art galleries. This year-long course includes three 12 week modules including Indian Art, Chinese Art, Japanese & Korean Art or Buddhist Art.


SOAS is a Named Fund member of the Chapel & York US Foundation, Inc. The Chapel & York US Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. The Chapel & York US Foundation will send you the receipt you need for your tax return.